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Dialog bitmap "Stretch to fit" property


I have a problem with the InstallWelcome dialog appetence
The background image is a bitmap with dimension of 623X390 now if I set the “Stretch to fit” to false
On very low screen resolution the bitmap is cut and I can see only part of it and it the Stretch is set to True than in some resolutions the text in the bitmap is blurred and look like in poor quality although it is not

Any idea how to handle this ?
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Level 3


In Installshield Express 2014, the bitmap image at the very beginning of an installation must be 440 x 275 pixels. However, on what seems to be quite "normal" resolutions, that image is shown as 580 x 350 and in a poor quality. It's a pity, because this could be a way to personalize installations with a good photograph and text.

In the beta-version of 2015 I don't even find the way to enter the name of my bitmap, but projects converted from 2014 show the same resul: the image is resized in a bad quality.

I have tried in version 2014 to use images larger than 440 x 275, but it doesn't work.

Have you, Eladef, ever got an answer, or has anyone had the same problem and found a solution?
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