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Dialog before Finish dialog

In basic MSI I'm looking for a way to have a dialog just before the last dialog.
I need to display a long message that require scroll.
I create a dialog that display an rtf file.
but I didn't find a way to display it just before the finish dialog
Is there a way to do it?

I also want to display url that user will be able to press

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try with this one , is from IS 2010, it might help you . Any other stuff you will know to do i guess .

copy and paste right after Dlg_SdStartCopy2: in OnFirstUIBefore

#define String szTitle , szMsg , szQuestion , szLicenseFile;

szTitle = "";
szMsg = "";
szQuestion = "";
szLicenseFile = SUPPORTDIR ^ "ReadMe.txt";
nResult = SdLicenseEx ( szTitle , szMsg , szQuestion , szLicenseFile , FALSE );
bLicenseAccepted = TRUE;

OR you should enable this one from: Installation Designer\InstallScript\Dialog Source /OnFirstUIBefore

good luck.
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