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Level 4

Dialog - Disabling / Enabling Edit fields via condition


I have a problem with customizing the "CustomerInformation" dialog:
I have a combobox with 2 options(/items) "TYPE1" and "TYPE2". When "TYPE2" ist selected by the user I want to disable two edit fields and enable them again, if "TYPE1" is selected.
So I added two conditions to every edit field:
1.) Action: Disable Condition: TypeBox="TYPE2"
2.) Action: Enable Condition: TypeBox="TYPE1"
But this doesn't do anything. Do you have an idea what I'm missing?

With kind regards
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Level 7

I think the behaviour you are seeing is consistent with the way combo/text boxes work.
The value is only set once the dialog proceeds to the next screen or goes back.

Try this, select 'Type2', press next on the dialog.
Then on the new dialog press back, this will hopefully show you the controls being disabled.

I would suggest you use a radio group, or checkbox if there are only two value in the combobox.

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Level 4

Thanks. With a radio group it works fine.

With kind regards
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