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Device drivers and windows update in windows 7

I am having a problem with my installshield project when the target OS is windows 7 (ultimate).
When I install on windows 7, all looks ok and the drivers I have included are installed.
However when I connect my device - the hardware wizard intrudes and keeps using the windows update (to find a new version!) rather then the driver I am supplying. I am actually supplying a signed driver, and it is not part of windows update so why is behaviour happenning? It takes quite a while for the intrusive windows update to give up.

This is not the case in either vista or xp.

Can anyone help me?

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Have you checked the driver version of the Windows Update driver package?

You should note that starting with Windows 7 the 'AllSignersEqual' group policy is enabled by default (Setup ranks all digitally signed drivers equally).
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