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Detecting other versions of our Software

I am having an issue with detecting other installed versions of our software using the Upgrades section to do a Detect Only setting.

I have this new software product that can not be installed if any of our other software products are installed on the machine. So I go to the Upgrades section and create a new Major Upgrade entry. I enter the Upgrade Code of the products in question and then under the Advanced Tab I select Detect Only and set the property for the conditional statment to exit the install if it exists.

I have it also set for Any earlier Vesion so that the entry under the Advanced tab - Maximum Version gets set to ***ALL_VERSIONS***

When I have one of these products install this install will not see them and try to contiune. Why is it not detecting the other versions? Could it be that the version numbers of the installed products are actually higher than that of my new project and therefore it is only trying to find versions lower than what my current project settings are?

Any help would be great.

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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

That certainly sounds like a reasonable hypothesis. Examining the Upgrade table of the build MSI (which as you surmise should hold your MSI's ProductVersion as the excluded maximum), comparing against your other product you wish to uninstall, and checking out the information in a verbose log around the FindRelatedProducts action should be able to confirm or disprove it.
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