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Level 2

Deploying a website using Installscript project


I wish to create an installscript project that would deploy a website on IIS.

My goal is to provide user a facility from where he can choose if he wants to deploy his web application as a separate website in IIS or as a virtual directory within the default website.

Is it possible?

Indranik Ray,
Software Engineer,
Cybage Softwares Pvt. Ltd.
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Level 8

Here is the code attached for website/Virtual directory creation in IIS. Hope this will help you.
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Level 6

I have searching for something similar...I have been searching for a way to 'discover IIS web sites' and present the list to the user via InstallScript.
The Windows Installer does this for a Web Setup project, but I can't seem to find this functionality in InstallShield.

I need to give the user a UI to pick their desired web site to install the web application.

I can't seem to find any code that gives me the functions to discover IIS web sites, virtual directories, and application pools.

Thanks for any help!
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