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Delivering a file to AppData Folder

Dear All,

I'm having issues delivering files to all users profiles.

My project is not a Basic MSI (with a basic project I was able to obtain the correct files distribution), is an Installscript MSI and I must do a per-machine installation because my setup delivers files under Program Files, ProgramData and writes registry key. For all  these reasons the required execution level is admin

I set in my installscript ALLUSERS to 1 using SetProperty function.

I need to deliver files also under LocalAppData .

When I install my package on a normal user profile I enter the admin password and all is fine for the admin profile  but the files under LocalAppData of the normal user are not delivered.

Anyone can give me an hint to solve this problem?




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Level 2

Did you ever find a way to do this?  I need the same capability and am not finding how to do this in InstallShield. 

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