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Deleting files from installation

There are some documents in the installation which I need to remove, but there is not "delete" option if I right click on them. They also have a different icon from the ones that can be deleted. How do you do this?
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delete the files


To delete the files at the time of uninstallation u have to insert some actions to be performed.

Go to Organization- installation design-- under this u have ur own componet their right click on that component and u get an option called Insert Action...

U vl find all the commands as such Dlete file..Delete directory...and thus follow it...that vl work out
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Re: Deleting files from installation

Sorry, my explanation was a bit cryptic. I mean when you try to exclude some files that were previously added to the Specific Data>Files folder and you want to remove them from the list before building the installation files.

See attached screenshot.
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Re: Deleting files from installation

Anyone who can help me?
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Re: Deleting files from installation

That file has a special icon because it is a dynamically linked file. The item that is selected in the Destination Computer's Folders pane also has that same icon. That's because it is a subfolder of Documents, which is a dynamically linked folder that contains dynamically linked subfolders. Here is some more information on dynamic links:

In order to remove the project from your folder, you would need to do one of the following:

  • In the Destination Computer's Folders pane, right-click the Documents folder and then click Dynamic File Linking. On the File Linking tab, set up an exclusion for your particular file. (For more info, click the Help button on this tab.)
  • Delete the file from its source location on your computer (wherever you have the Drawings folder--I can see in the screen shot that the path starts with C:\Documents and Settings).
  • Delete the entire Drawings folder on your computer.
  • In the Destination Computer's Folders pane, right-click the Documents folder and then click Delete. This option would remove the Documents folder, plus all of its contents, from your project.
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