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Debugging Silent Install

Is there any way to get better information out of the installation when doing a Silent Install. I am getting an error -3 when I perform my installation. I'm using an Installscript Installation. I've imaged the box, performed the installation with the /r to get my setup.iss file. I then reimage the box and run the silent install, and the installation fails. The only difference between the record, and the playback is the time of day. The computer is identical. It would help to know what information it thinks it's missing. Any assistance would be appreciated.
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Level 2

i have the similar problem.
i have recorded the response file with setup.exe /r /f1"c:\temp\setup.iss"
and when i tried to launch the silent install with setup.exe /s /f1"c:\temp\setup.iss" The error message displayed ; -3 : required data not found in .iss file ( KB Installshield ).

I don't know what is required ? and how to debugging it ?

can i know how you're resolved your problem ?

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