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DVD setup ignores language parameter

Why does my setup.exe ignore the passed language ID only when running from a removeable drive? I have no trouble installing from hard disks, and servers. The setup even works when i copy the DVD image back to a hard drive. The setup is a 12-language deal, and since the command parameter is ignored i get the language selection dialog when i don't want it.

The normal command looks like this: D:\MyProject\setup.exe /L0009
or has a different language passed.

I can even pass custom commands which i trap, parse, handle, and log. Using the following example:

D:\MyProject\setup.exe /L0009 /KCS"Hello world"

I pick up '/KCS"Hello World"' in CMDLINE in my InstallScript, but the language ID is ignored and the lang selection dialog is displayed. I think if setup was seeing an invalid command then my CMDLINE value would hold it, but i never see an "/Lxxxx" value, so i assume it's valid, and like i say, it only fails when setup is on a DVD.

This behavior happens on several different XP and Vista machines.

Does anybody have a clue?

IS 2008 Premier - InstallScript
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Having the same problem, is there a workaround available yet?
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Anyone from IS please? Thank you.
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