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Customizing QuickPatch "Preparing to Install" dialog (splash screen before welcome)


We use QuickPatches often, but we can't find a way to customize or hide the "Preparing to Install" dialog which retains the standard Installshield graphics. Dialogs in a QuickPatch are based on the original setup the patch is built on, so all regular dialogs in the patch use the correct company graphics.

My initial thought, was that it is because you can't set a QuickPatch to run with "Small initilization dialog", so I tracked down where the background image for that specific splash screen comes from (it is not the one in the SetupInitialization dialog) and it turns out it's a .gif in the C:\Program Files (x86)\InstallShield\2018\Support\Themes\InstallShield Blue Theme -folder (if you use the blue theme of course).

We then made our own company .gif and replaced the standard one and this solved the problem with the splash screen in a normal installer with Small initilization dialog turned off. To my dismay, it did not correct the problem when building a QuickPatch, based on the new modified setup.

To put it bluntly: It does not look professional when the first thing a client sees when running our software is stock Installshield graphics. There must be a way to hack this, or maybe I have even overlooked something obvious? If anyone can help, it would be greatly appreciated!


Morten Vejlgaard, DHI Denmark

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