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Customer Information Dialog Box


I am using InstallShield 2008 trial version to develop a deployment kit to one of my product. I am using the trial version to check if it works in Vista also without any problems. If it does I would be recommending to purchase one. In the customer Information Dialog box it gives an option to select allUsers or the only for me. But when i m running the setup, the customer Dialog Box appears without this option. How to make this option available during the Installation time?. Please help

Thanks in advance

Krishna Kumar.P
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Level 5


Go to User interface --> Dialog --> CustomerInformation --> behavior
In the windows property Clic on Radiongroupbutton and go to the condition (In the bottom right) and deleted or add your otpion

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The following help topic has step-by-step instructions:
Per-User vs. Per-Machine Installations

Debbie Landers
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