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Level 5

CustomAction & UnInstall

NOTE: i am a complete noob - pardon me if i ask anything stupid

okay - i created a custom action to run a small app that configures various files

both the app & the files are included in the installation package

i have run the generated SETUP & it appears to run as desired


when i try to UNinstall the package, it looks like it's trying to run that app again - and can't find it because it's been removed already (!?)

because of that error, the UNinstall fails, and now i'm stuck with the package i CANT get rid of

so my question - how do i specify that my custom action should NOT run during an UNinstall?

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Level 9

Just include a condition on the custom action "Not Installed" so that it will run only during first time install.....
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Level 9

You could use condition of "NOT REMOVE" to run the CA.
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