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Custom dialog box actions

I am now building my own dialog boxes to take user input and perform various operations, from editing registry keys to building files based on the user's input.

I want to add conditions so that, instead of inputing information, the user can check a check box stating something like "I want to specify my own file." When they select this, all of the edit boxes should gray out, and when the user presses next, it should then bring up the next custom dialog asking them to select a file..

I have no idea how to build this type of custom chain of events, and reading through the help it doesn't seem straight forward.

If you have any suggestions on where to look, or what direction I should go in to do this, I would greatly appreciate it.

I am currently using an Installscript MSI project, and would like to continue using this project type.

Thanks in advance,
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Flexera Alumni

To start: In a custom InstallScript dialog box, you can use the EnableWindow API function to dynamically enable and disable controls; searching your InstallShield installation for the source files SdLicense2Dlg.rul, SdRegisterUserDlg.rul, and others will show examples.
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