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Custom action for navigation buttons


I have a wizard page with some checkbox. If user has unchecked the checkbox, the installation process should start immediately. In case its checked, an additional page should follow before install process begins.

checkbox property value:
Property="{Binding ITEM_SELECTED=config}

Now, I tried several options:

1. Just places the Install button there, but then the installation process begins in background while the next page is shown
2. I tried to enable both Next & Install button. This can only be done when you modify the xml file outside of the UI, but it has so many side effects that it simply does not work.
3. I have enabled the Next button and tried to put an action like this:

{Install InstallationProgress, ITEM_SELECTED==config}

Does not work. The wizard page does not change, but it seems process begins in background

4. I tried do some custom action, means just enable the Next button. On next page set VISIBLE to something like {Binding ITEM_SELECTED==config}. Now, in case checkbox was not checked, InstallationProgress is shown, but it just shows initializing. So, I tried to do a custom action which checks the value of ITEM_SELECTED and then ist just telling the process to start installation in case ITEM_SELECTED is empty. 🙂 I realized that you cannot start the process from the extension dll.

I gave up. Can you please guide me to the right door? I simply don't know how to do it.

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Level 5

Did you mean that you have an installation dialog with a check box control on it, and you want to change the behavior of the Next button on the dialog based on the user selection or unselection of check box control?
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Level 2

Yes, thats exactly what I want to achieve.
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