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Custom action during REINSTALL

I need to call a custom action when my product is being installed and when it is having a minor upgrade using the REINSTALL property. The action works fine during the initial install, but by looking at the logs I can see it is skipped during a REINSTALL.

Using Orca I can see there is a ' Not installed ' condition against my action. Using Orca I can set this condition to ' Not installed or REINSTALL<>"" ' and now the action is called both during initial install and REINSTALL.

Is there any way I can set this condition via the InstallShield 2012 Express user interface? My msi is built as part of an automated build process and I cannot go in and 'fiddle' the condition with Orca after every build.

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Level 3

Flexera support say the condition builder UI needed is not available in Express.
I might have a workaround though...

Firstly, build the project without signing the setup.exe or msi files and then use Orca to build a transform containing the condition changes I need.

Then in the build batch file…
o build the project without signing the setup.exe or msi files
o use msitran to apply the transform to the msi file
o sign the setup and msi files with signtool

This should work as long as there is no significant change to the InstallShield project.
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