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Level 3

Custom action does not wait for completion

I am running a custom action which executes a batch file.
cmd.exe /C "[INSTALLDIR]batch.bat" [INSTALLDIR]

The commands does run which takes awhile (30-50 seconds). ISE continues with the installation without waiting for this custom action to finish. This results in the other custom actions exectued before this one completes. These subsequent actions depend on the first batch file to complete.

Wait for Action is "Yes". Does anyone know a workaround?
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Level 7

I am not sure why the custom action is not waiting for your command to finish executing. You may need to tweak your batch file so that it only finishes execution when all commands in it are finished. Try to put in a Pause statement in the batch file to see if the custom action at least waits for the duration of the Pause statement as a test.
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Level 2

Try using cmd.exe /K

The /K option should cause the command processer to wait for your action to complete.
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