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Custom Dialogs DropDowns

Hey there,

For the InstallShield Custom Dialog I added a dropdown list. In the items property I set a few values in there but they are not showing up at runtime, how come?

[1] I have the height attribute set to 200. (A large number as specified)
[2] Window Properties are enabled for: W_VSCROLL and CBS_DROPDOWN
[3] I have Name and Value set for the item.

Is it because it is set as an item and items are numeric? Perhaps it deletes my string at runtime, I dunno.

On the flipside I added some values at runtime in the code but when I select an item in the dropdownlist, it doesn't display it. It just shows a blank selection.

What am I missing?

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Re: Custom Dialogs DropDowns

Nevermind I got it working.
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