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Custom Dialog design - Enable group


I have to design a custom dialog for a Basic MSI package.

The MSI includes 4 features and in the dialog a have 4 groups of few controls (paths, ports).
I'd like to be able to enable on the new dialog only the groups for which the corresponding features were selected and disable the ones with the feature not selected.

I don't know where the conditions (feature selected or not) should be checked and the group(s) enabled or not.

Is that possible? How?


PS. I know I could create separated dialogs for each feature, but each has only 1 or 2 settings.
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User Interface
Expand your new dialog
Select Behavior
Find the desired Group
Select Conditions in the window on the right
There you can Disable/Enable or Hide/Show based on desired condition(s)
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Figured it out.
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