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Custom Action not populating INSTALLDIR

Hi Folks,

I have a Basic MSI project that needs to deliver 4 components to 4 different target locations. The path is pretty much the same for all four targets with the exception of the 2nd to last folder in the path. Examples below:

[CommonAppDataFolder]GE Healthcare\Centricity\CBICW\5.0102.6666
[CommonAppDataFolder]GE Healthcare\Centricity\IDXFC\5.0102.6666

So I figured using a custom action was the way to go but it's not populating the way i expected. Here's what i've done...hopefully someone can see what i'm missing. I figured i'd start by getting at least ONE path to reconcile correctly, then duplicate the process for the others.

1) On the component, destination path field, click "browse, create, modify...", select Destination Computer, hit INSERT key and create a new folder called INSTALLDIR_IDXFC, giving it the target of [INSTALLPATHIDXFC].

2) Create a new property (direct editor, property table) called INSTALLPATHIDXFC and put in a value of
[CommonAppDataFolder]GE Healthcare\Centricity\IDXFC\5.0102.6666

3) Create new custom action (New Set Directory) called Create_IDXFC_Path, DirectoryName=INSTALLDIR_IDXFC, DirectoryValue=[INSTALLPATHIDXFC], Install UI Sequence: AfterSetupInitialization

4) Run the build to create the msi and deploy. Deployed the msi running in verbose logging mode and it looks like the value for the property [INSTALLPATHIDXFC] doesn't ever get resolved where [CommonAppDataFolder] translates into something like c:\ProgramData (windows 7 x64 path). So the component gets dumped to c:\[INSTALLDIR_IDXFC] (literally) vs something like c:\programdata\GE Healthcare\Centricity\IDXFC\5.0102.6666.

What am i doing wrong? My thought was that the [INSTALLPATHIDXFC] property would translate to the full NTFS path BEFORE the component target location would yank it's value from the property. Can someone give me some insight into what i may be doing wrong? Or perhaps you can't have a "custom property" have other "properties" inside of it? I'll take any suggestions that will help me get this working as i'm under a wicked time crunch. Thanks in advance!

PS...i attached the msi verbose log for those who are more technical than myself to peruse
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