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Custom Action does not work on XP after upgrade to 2014

Upgraded an InstallShield 2012 project to 2014. I am experiencing a custom action failing with a return value 3 on two XP machines but it works on a Windows 7 and a 2008R2. The custom action is written in C++ and we've been using it without incident for many years. One difference is the custom action code has been upgraded from VS2008 to VS2012. I've suspected a VS2013 dependency exists but dependency walker does not show any such dependencies. Any thoughts on what could be happening is most appreciated.
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Re: Custom Action does not work on XP after upgrade to 2014

I'm a little unclear from your post, but it sounds like you're talking about a custom action that you compile (rather than one InstallShield provides), and have recently started using Visual Studio 2012 to compile it. Visual Studio 2012 RTM dropped support for Windows XP, and added it back in Update 1. However you still have to select the proper "Platform Toolset" (look for v110_xp in the drop-down list in project properties, or v120_xp in Visual Studio 2013) or the code that Visual Studio 2012 or later compiles will not run on Windows XP. Does that address the issue you're describing?
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