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Create template project using IS2012 Premier?

I would to know if it is possible to take an existing IS2012 basic msi project and use it as a template for others. I currently have several web services that essentially require the same information and I would like to reuse a basic msi project that I created to become a template using IS2012 Premier.

If this is not possible, is there a workaround or other type of method for reusing a basic msi project for multiple web services installation?

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Level 7

There are a couple of different options under the File/Save As menu (on IS2012 Spring). In my InstallScript projects I don't use them. I do it manually by just copying the files to a new location and rename the project file, then I open the project and assign new GUIDs for the product in in some cases new GUIDs for the features and components. I would expect that for an MSI project this would be a little more difficult because of the MSI use of GUIDs in Component Reference counting. So you would want to make sure you did not break any of the MSI component rules.
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Level 17

Here are links to help topics that describe the File/Save as option that phill_mn described:
Project Templates
Creating Project Templates
Basing New Projects on Templates
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