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Create iso image from Install Shield, Need build output as iso image

Hello All,

I am using Install Shield 2010. In the release wizard i selected the option "Network Image" and "Leave files uncompressed" to create uncompressed build output.

When I built my project, the output came as - DISK1 folder containing all the project files uncompressed along with setup.exe and .msi

This is quite ok. But I need the DISK1 folder as- DISK1.iso i.e. in iso format and not as a folder. can anyone please how can I do so ?

Is there any provision in installshield to directly create iso images as build output, or is there any other tool that can be executed fro command prompt to create iso image of a specified folder ?

Kindly suggest,

Thanks and Regards
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Flexera Alumni

I'm not aware of a built-in InstallShield tool to generate .iso images, but a web search turns up some .iso generators that apparently can be launched from the command line, perhaps after a command-line build using ISCmdBld.exe.
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Level 8

You need any third party tool to make it an iso image. Installshild does not have this feature. You can achieve this through Power iso or magic iso or any other tool.
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