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Level 3

Create a DSN using Installshield properties

How to create a DSN using these Installshield properties (SQLLogin dialog) :
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Level 17

In the ODBC Resouces view, you can add DSNs that you want to create on your target machine. After you select a DSN, the ODBC Attributes & Properties pane is enabled. You can edit the attributes for each selected resource in the ODBC Attributes & Properties pane. If you want to add a property named "Server" and set the value of the IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER Windows Installer property for the DSN property, click the "Click here to add a new item" row and type "Server" in the Property column, and "[IS_SQLSERVER_SERVER]" in the Value column. I doubt that tbe ODBC administrator allows you save the Password property on the system for a security reason.

Hope that helps.
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Level 2


I want to configure SQL Server Native Client 10.0 using custom dialog in Installshield-2011.

Particularly I want to collect in ServerName,LoginID and password from user (using custom dialog), is there some way to pass these as parameters while Native client is installed using msiexec.

I will highly appreciate any help in this line.

Thank you.
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