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Level 3

Create VPN connection during setup

We have a hosted solution that requires a connection to our network via vpn, followed by a Remote Desktop connection to the server that hosts the software.

I would like to create setup that simply creates:-

1. A pre-configured vpn connection with host details etc
2. A desktop shortcut to a Remote Desktop connection, again, pre-configured to a server name or ip address

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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Level 4

1. for the vpn connection, I assume there should be a configuration file generated when you use it... if so, please take this conf file as template, while you're using it, replace the hostname in the file
2. for remote desktop connection, there's a rdp file generated when you save the remote desktop setting, use the rdp file as template and replace value of "full address".

The text replace action can be done with install script or other methods.
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