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Level 6

Couple of beginner questions, regarding dynamic links and where to point the source folder.


I have a question regarding components, application data and best practices. I'm totally new to InstallShield and was wondering what the best way would be to create an installer.

Our product is more like a platform and it consists out of ~23 IIS web sites and app pools, a couple of Windows Services, a BizTalk application and some 'regular' .exe applications. 

I've created all the sites and app pools in the installer project and my components neatly contain 'Application', 'ApplicationSite' and 'ApplicationAppPool' per IIS Website. 

Now I'm at the point where I actually want to have my files added per IIS Site. I'm probably going to dynamically link each directory. (Each IIS site has a directory, which in turn contains a bin directory and in some cases multiple other directories) First question, is this a good idea?

Second question: I'm currently running InstallShield on my local development machine, but since this will eventually need to be build from the build server, how should I point InstallShield to the correct folder? Should I let the build server download the files to a hardcoded folder like C:\MyInstallationFiles and then for now have that folder on my machine as well? Or is there a better way to do this?

Looking forward to your reply,

Koen from Gomocha


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Level 13

Use Path Variable Overrides on Build tab in Releases view.

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Level 6

I drag and dropped all the required folders into from the source folder to the destination folder, it created more than 600 'AllOtherFiles' components. I have 23 features, do I now really have to drag and drop each and every one of those 600 components to the correct feature?  

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