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Level 4

Copying dynamic numbers of files from installation disc to [INSTALLDIR]


I'm planning to do a "dynamic" setup, but not at build time. Instead, I want to copy X files from a known dir (located in the same folder as setup.exe/msi files) to an installation folder (e.g. [INSTALLDIR]).

I need this, because an automated process will modify my installation "image" with additional files (customer specific) which have to be installed to the destination machine. I'm solving this with a custom action which calls a small application, but this isn't that good. Type of setup doesn't matter. If I can do this only via IS Project, thats fine, I just need to know how.

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Level 10

Can you make use of the Automation Interface to create and add MSI components to your project for those files before building the setup? Just an idea...
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Level 4

Unfortunately not, it has to work AFTER building the installer.
OK, I leave the small app in place as long as there's no "official installer" way.
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