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Copying a DLL in another product installation directory


Under InstallShield 2009 Premier, my own setup (written in Basic MSI) needs to copy a DLL in the installation directory of Firefox (whatever its version).

Is it possible and how ?

First of all, how can I detect Firefox previous installation ?


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Level 7

It is possible to install to pretty much any folder on a machine including the Firefox installation directory.

Hopefully, there is some Firefox registry value that indicates the install location of Firefox. If so, then you could use a System Search to obtain the install location from this registry value. Then you could use a Set Property or Set Directory custom action to set the install location of the file you are including with your install to point to the Firefox installation location.

If Firefox installs to one of only a few install locations, then you could also create one system search to look into each such install location for the main Firefox executable. This could be another way to find the installation location of Firefox.

Hope this helps!
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