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Converting MSI into MSM


I have 64 bit Basic MSI installer which targets 64 bit Operating system. One of my client wants to call this 64 bit msi instaler from another msi installer but could not succeed as installshiled does not allow embedding of one msi into another msi project.
In order to support above situation, my client wants me to convert msi project into msm project. I looks to me, i have to write a new msm project from scratch (please correct me if i am wrong). I just want know whether it is possible to write a msm project which exactly does the same functionality as by basic MSI project. Is there anything which Basic MSI supports and MSM does not.

I appreciate if any one can throw some light on this.

Umesh Bansal.
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Your client will be able to run the MSI from his MSI if he does so in the UI-sequence. It's not pretty, but it works.

The other option sucks: when you also create a merge module, this involves loads of work for future versions, since you'll have to do everything twice. Also you need to make sure your merge module plays nice with your installer, if they may get installed on the same system.

Your best option would be to start from scratch and build a configurable merge module (so your client is happy). Next your own install will just be an empty MSI containing your merge module and some dialogs. This way you'll only have to update your installation once, when you create a newer version.

In any case: this will not be easy.

Good luck!


PS Wise can convert a feature to a merge module, but that's no use to you if you use InstallScript.
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