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Controlling flow in a Suite installation

I would like to be able to uninstall the currently installed packages of my Suite and install selected new ones as one installation experience rather than separate operations. (Lets disregard Upgrades for the moment… I will do that later. For now I need to uninstall some older versions).

I can make it do what I need if I uninstall via an Event in ‘OnBegin’ and then proceed with install. However, the uninstall happens before any wizard interface is displayed. I would like to display a Suite Wizard page that I have working that displays the currently installed packages first. However, to do that I need to do the uninstall Events in ‘OnStaging’… which does the uninstall and falls through to my ‘InstallationWelcome’ and ‘InstallationFeatures’ Wizard pages; but does not actually do the install. I suspect that the ‘Staging’ operation has set up things that probably need to be redone after the uninstall.

Is there a way that:
A. I can schedule an event after OnBegin but before OnStaging?
B. Refresh the OnStaging after uninstall?
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Level 13

One option is to run an event in the Click event for the UI. However, this could cause problems for silent install scenarios.

Also, you will need IS2015 to support running a Suite Action in the click event.

You can also schedule an event in the OnStaging event, which runs before files are staged.

For myself I created a .dll file to remove the previous MSI package. I have this scheduled for the OnPackageConfiguring event.
I made sure that the newer MSI file has a different product code and version so that it is treated as a major upgrade. I kept the Upgrade Code the same as the older Wise Installer package, although this was not really necessary. I could have easily created a new upgrade code for my package and added the older upgrade code to the upgrade table.

I am not sure if this helps at all. Perhaps if I had a better understanding of the conditions for uninstall and what in the UI or application needs to be refreshed and how it relates to the package being uninstalled.
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Level 13

Thanks Dan!
Running a Suite Action in the click event looks like what I need.
Going to have to upgrade from IS 2013 to get that as well as other things I want.
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