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Condtionally create a folder in InstallShield 2010

I am using InstallShield 2010 to build an installer for our product (yes I know it's out of date and I'm trying to get the upgrade but for now this is what I have).

One of the things the installer needs to do is create a directory for storing data. But I only want to create that directory if a certain combination of features are selected (basically, one feature should be selected and two others should not).

I created the folder in the Files and Folder view, but I don't see how to create it conditionally. I tried associating the component to the feature that should be selected, and setting as a condition of the component that the other two features are not selected, but this didn't work. The folder is still created every time the associated feature is selected, regardless of whether the other two features are selected or not.

I suppose I could create it within an if statement using InstallScript, but I'd rather do it from the InstallShield GUI, if possible.
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To create an empty folder, Windows Installer creates a record in CreateFolder table. Make sure the component referenced is associated to the feature that needs to be installed. For the condition (2 features being not selected for installation) on the component, please refer to Conditional Statement Syntax (Windows). It would probably be a combination of !feature-state and &feature-action.
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