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Concurrent licenses with AzureDevOps (formerly VSTS) builds - fatal error -7159

I've got a bunch of InstallShield 2014 builds running using concurrent Standalone Builds licenses, and I'm seeing inconsistent failures, averaging about one failure per twenty builds or so. Each time they fail, they fail the exact same way:

ISDEV : fatal error -7159: The product license has expired or has not yet been initialized.

In these instances, there's nothing in the Alerts or Warnings on the licensing server, and nothing in the logs to indicate anything has gone wrong. There's no pattern among build machines, builds, or timing. The account running the AzureDevOps agent is a domain admin, and is the same account that was used to install the InstallShield Standalone Build on the build machines (and configure the license server connection). The licensing server is in a different domain, but is exposed to all the build machines on the default licensing port range (27000-27009).

Anyone else see anything like this? Any suggestions for things to try?
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