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Component writing to 64bit Registry vs. Template Summary 'Intel'


I am trying to find a way to have 64-bit components where 64bit OS exists, but also allow installations on 32bit OS?

I have tried to set the Template Summary to Intel, but it keeps erroring out that it must be x64. If it is set to x64, I cannot install it on x86 OS. I have setup conditions on the 64-bit Components to only install on 64-bit OS, so this shouldn't be a problem.

I can go into InstallScript and write to the 64bit Registry space, why can't Component's allow the same? If I need to do this, I need to setup InstallScript Custom Actions for the 64bit Registry entries, and also have Components that write to the Wow6432Node, which are asymmetrical, which I hate.

Why is there no easy way to do this? :mad:


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In my opinion there is no way to do this: If you have one component marked as 64bit, then the whole setup has to be a x64 installation. I also tried a lot with "mixed installations" and ended with two setups, one for the 32bit and one for the 64bit world.
With InstallScript you can write from a 32bit installation to the 64bit part of the registry key, but you cannot change the installation directories of your files from the 32bit to the 64bit location.

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