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Community Page popup - required unloading InstallShield project

I added an InstallShield project to a Visual Studio 2017 solution. It was working fine, but now I cannot edit a source file without the Flexera Community page being opened up. It has a line at the top indicating that Internet Explorer won't be supported. I close it and cannot type 2 characters before it pops up again. We are behind a corporate proxy firewall. We our using InstallShield Premier. Our license server is on the local network. Why is this happening? And what is the work around? I had to remove the InstallShield project from the solution, just to continue working. Thank you.
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Re: Community Page popup - required unloading InstallShield project


I have installed VS 2017 and created a sample project and then created a Basic MSI project.
For me it seems that everything works fine i.e building of solution, editing source code, etc.

May I know which version of InstallShield you are using ?
Also which type of project you are creating ?



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