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Common Feature possible?

Hi everybody, Greetings for the day..!

I am having two different installers say A and B(Both are Basic MSI). I ve a feature common in both the installers, means some set of files and registries bind with a feature called X in both the products. I have the feature X bind in both A and B seperately.

1. In this scenario, i install feature X through A then i run B i want to show the feature X as if it is in installed state, in the custom setup screen.

2. (Assuming the Point 1 is achieved)In the same scenario when i deselect the feature X from B, i should be able to uninstall the feature X from product A. Means when i run A next time the feature X should be in the deselected state.

(My untimate aim is to make the feature X common to both A and B installation/uninstallation should be possible from either installer and the feature state should be common for both the products)

I learnt that my above specification is possible through Install script project by coding manually. Since this case is basic msi, i want to know whether it is possible to achieve it?

Thanks in Advance
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So, basically, what you're trying to support is uninstalling part of product A from product B's installation? I don't believe this is supported in MSI.

Offhand, I can't really think of a way to handle this in an MSI. Windows Installer tracks on the product and component levels, and it knows which components were installed by which products. You would have to hack into those registry entries to try to override this behavior. I honestly wouldn't recommend trying to make such a drastic change to the basic Windows Installer functionality.
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Level 6

I recommend consolidating both installers into one. Or you could make the shared feature it's own install and chain it (or prereq) to the other two.
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