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Level 5

Command line build tool should abort if compile fails

This is more of a general InstallShield request than a question and is not tied to any one version...

I would like to request an improvement to the command-line build tool, such that it aborts the build process if the compiling of the InstallScript code fails, instead of having the build continue until it fails 10 minutes later near the end of a large multi-language installation project when it can't find the ISSetup.dll file.

Just a suggestion...
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Level 12 Flexeran
Level 12 Flexeran

It sounds like you're looking for the -x parameter. Possibly in conjunction with the -w parameter.
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Level 7

HI the paremeters are
-w This parameter treats warnings that occur during the build process as errors. Each
warning increments the error count by one.
This parameter is optional.
-x If you want the build to stop when it encounters an error, use the -x parameter. If you
want the build to stop when it encounters a warning, use this parameter in conjunction
with the -w parameter.
This parameter is optional.
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