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Command Line Build


I'm using InstallShield 2013 Limited Edition with Visual Studio 2013. Setups created in Visual Studio are working fine, but I'm trying to automate the process by using the command line. The Limited Edition doesn't seem to come with IsCmdBld.exe, so I tried to build the setup via MSBuild.exe, using
MSBuild.exe MyProject.sln /t:Rebuild /p:Configuration=CmdSetup

where CmdSetup is the configuration in which only the Setup Project is build. Unfortunately I'm getting the error message, that InstallShield.targets cannot be found.
What am I doing wrong here? Is it possible to build Setups this way?
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Run Install shield project from command prompt

Am using Installshield projects(.isl Project) in my solution. I can able to build the project from visual studio, whereas when i try to run it from command prompt using msbuild or, it is not build properly and not provide setup . Can any one suggest me to build the .isl project using command prompt?

I used the below command for

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional> "MySolution.sln" /Project "MyProject.isl" /Build "Debug"

and i used the below command for MSbuild

C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Visual Studio\2017\Professional>MSbuild "MyProject.isl"
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