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Code signing kernel-mode binary files InstallShield

I've been trying to sign 64-bit kernel-mode software using Code Signing Certificate.
When I use signtool.exe, the cross-certificate is added by signtool.exe to the digital signature of the binary and everything works perfectly.

signtool sign /a /ac cross_certificate.cer /t test.sys

But when I use InstallShield, I cannot find any ways/options to pass/set/add the cross-certificate to the digital signature of the binary. So, as a result, the verification fails.

I would be grateful if somebody could tell me if it is possible to sign 64-bit kernel-mode software in InstallShield.
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Level 17

InstallShield does not have direct support for specifying the name of a cross-certificate file.

Build event support was added in InstallShield 2011. Build events enable you to specify commands that you want to be run at various stages of the build process. You might be able to use this functionality to sign your files while specifying the cross-certificate. For more information on build events, see Specifying Commands that Run Before, During, and After Builds.
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Thank you.
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