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Level 2

Choosing proyect type

What project type would you recommend between Basic MSI and InstallScript MSI?
From what I've read:

  • Basic MSI has a bigger learning curve.
  • InstallScript MSI is easier to customize.

I would be doing some simple installers and other's more complex that require the user to configure SQL from the installation wizard.
Also I would be using silent installation in some cases. I know both project types support this, but I have the impression that this can be accomplished a bit easier win Basic MSI (doesn't require response file).

Thanks in advance.
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Level 8

I'll vote for Installscript MSI, its easier than basic msi, because you can achieve your requirement through scripts.
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Level 10

I would go with Basic MSI cause
-Basic MSI skills are required for both project types
-You will improve your MSI skills a lot
-InstallScript can still be used with powerful InstallScript Custom Actions

With regard to silent installations and MSI setups you should note that they must be launched elevated on Vista or later if your setup performs administrative jobs.
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