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Level 3

Child feature selected when a parent is selected but the child can be de-selected

It sounds simple but I cannot see a simple way do the above. If I use the "Required" setting for the child then when the parent is selected in the Custom Dialog feature tree then the child is selected BUT it cannot be subsequently deselected.
I can do this with very complex triggers in the selection tree using a pair of Custom Dialogs to update the feature display dynamically but has anyone got a better solution?
The specific example is a Docs feature for a number of different parents and I want the Docs to be selected normally but want the user to be able to deselect them if he explicitly wants to not install the documentation for the parent feature. Sounds simple.
Any ideas?
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Level 3

Is this a Basic MSI project? I may not fully understand your question but is sounds like you have set a feature to required but you want to user to be able to choose not to install the feature. If the feature is optional then the required property should be set to "No". As long as the InstallLevel for the feature is less than the value of the INSTALLLEVEL property then it will be selected by default, but the user will have the option to deselect it.
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