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Check Operating system with InstallScript ?


I have Basic MSI project and want to check the Operating system,
Does anyone has a working and reliable InstallScript code he can share ?
From what I checked SYSINFO doesn’t work well on Win7 and VersionNT doesn’t work well on Win10 etc…

God, shouldn’t it be a fast and simple task ?:confused:
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Level 9

The info at this link from Flexera Software might be of some help. They added some new functions in InstallScript to help you out.

InstallScript Language Support for Windows 10

The following structure members and predefined constants were added to the InstallScript language:

• SYSINFO.WINNT.bWin10—This is a new SYSINFO structure member. If the operating system is Windows 10, this value is TRUE. (This is applicable to InstallScript event-driven code; it is not applicable to custom actions.)

• ISOSL_WIN10—This is a new predefined constant that is available for use with the FeatureFilterOS function and the SYSINFO structure variable. It indicates that the target system is running Windows 10.

For more information, see FeatureFilterOS function and the SYSINFO structure variable.


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