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Chart controls

I just upgraded to Installshield 2011 from 2010. When my project built in 2010 it would add System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll automatically but in 2011 it throws a warning. It says it can't find the file for a dependency for two executables. I know this file get installed by MSChart.exe from MS, which is installed on the build machine. My project does have MSChart.exe included but as a support file not a PreReq.

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Re: Chart controls

Does anyone have any ideas on why 2011 can't find System.Windows.Forms.DataVisualization.dll even though 2010 was able to? This file uses .Net Framework 3.5.

I changed the .Net settings under Tools > options > .Net Tab to point to the v3.5 framework.

I configured the install project to install mschart.exe for now but will move it to a Prerequisite when I have time.

The project is an Installscript MSI. I'm also running a evaluation version until we secure a license.
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