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Level 2

Change all Components to 64-Bit


I've created a new MSI with the InstallShield 2013 and now there are a lot of components I should change to 64-Bit. Is it possible to change them all at once?
The components were automatically created and they're all set to "64-Bit Component: No".

Thanks and regards
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Level 11

You have a couple options:

1. Using InstallShield Automation to flip the 64 bit component flag. Start with the docs on ISWiProject object, and you should end up with ISWiComponents collection which you can iterate through to flip the flags.

2. A hackier way is to use the Direct editor to do a find-and-replace on the Component table. The 64 bit setting is a single flag, and so you can make a list of all of your non-64 bit components attributes value, and do a find-and-replace of the exact match of those + 256 (the 64 bit flag)

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