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Level 3

Change PROPERTY value at build time


I want to create one MSI project that includes two different flows (such as full or trial for example means two different Dialogs flow).

I thought to create a new property from the property manager called INSTALL_MODE.

What important to me is to choose the MODE at build time, I use IsCmdBld.exe in order to create the release, but I didn't found a way to provide a property value.

Can any one advice me what to do ?

Thanks in advanced,
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Level 4

You can use automation scripts to fetch or change the property value and then build the package.
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Flexera Alumni

I don't remember when it was introduced, but IsCmdBld.exe currently has a -z switch for setting an MSI property.
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Level 3

Yes thank you the build command has -z flag to set PROPERTY values.
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