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Change Font Size

I currently have a few Installscript/MSI and Installscript projects that we would like to modify the font size of certain areas on the dialogs. We use custom skins as well.

I have noticed that if you use DialogSetFont it just changes the resolution of the package which looks terrible for obviously reasons. It also doesn't let me modify a certain piece.

Basically I want to make the headers on the screens (typically called szTitle from installshield) like size 16pt font, nothing to crazy. The small titles look stupid with the layout we are working on.
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Re: Change Font Size


I can't believe it! But as you said, it seems InstallScript dialog does not support changing font size a part....

You can use Basic MSI project in stead.

Each MSI Dialog control has 'textstyle' property.
You can set different setting to each control.
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