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Level 5

Change Bitmap on the first shown dialog

I have to change the bitmaps, on the left side of the dialogs, which are shown durring the installation.

In the meantime, I changed the bitmaps of all dialogs, which are listed beneath the node "All Dialogs" and which has bitmaps on the left side.

I rewatched all dialogs, to figure out, whether I forgot on. I did this several times.

When I build the Setup.exe and and start it, all Dialogs do have the desired bitmap on their left side ( the new bitmap which i placed there ).

Except the first dialog, which is shown, still has the old default bitmap on it's left side.

I checked whether I forgot to replace the bitmap in on of the Dialogs, which are listed beneath the node "All Dialogs". I did this again and again. But I can't find out, where's the problem. I changed the bitmaps of all those dialogs.

What do I have to do, to have the right bitmap on the first dialog, shown durring the installation?

Thanks in advance for your good answers.
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Level 6

Go to the dialog tab and find the setupitilization and modify that dialog.
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Level 6

Why don't you just use the Themes functionality (Basis MSI Project) to select you own custom made Theme?

Just follow the steps:
First create your own Theme
  • Go to the InstallShield Themes folder, typically C:\Program Files\InstallShield\2010\Support\Themes
  • Copy an existing Theme, e.g. InstallShield Blue Theme, by copying both the InstallShield Blue Theme.theme file and the InstallShield Blue Theme folder.
  • Rename the copies to the name you like, e.g. SampleTheme
  • In the SampleTheme folder replace the images by your own images
    If you use your own names for the image files, you have to update the SampleTheme.theme file accordingly

    Then adjust your project
  • Start InstallShield
  • In the Installation Designer select User Interface | Dialogs
  • Expand the Themes node under Dialogs (second treeview)
  • Right click SampleTheme and click Select

    This makes it easy to change the 'skin' without having to edit all dialogs.

    Do not forget to copy these files to a newer version of InstallShield before doing the project conversion, your conversion process may not work then.
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    Level 5

    ok thanks for that good Answer. Sounds as it will work and is the solution for my problem.

    But now I am here in the wrong forum. Since my IS has the version 11.5. And not 2010.

    And this old version has the doesn't have the themes.

    Can somebody tell me howto fix the problem in this old version?
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    Level 5

    Setting the value

    Media->Releas->SINGLE_EXE_IMAGE->Small initialization dialog

    to yes, makes the first shown dialog small without a left banner, herewith this problem is solved. 🙂

    Wheter you have to select SINGLE_EXE_IMAGE or another node parallel to it. dependces on which kind of Release version you are creating.
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