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Chained MSI Relative Path

I have a chained msi that is installed along with my main msi. I want the chained msi to be installed in a folder along side the main msi.


main msi : C:\Program Files\Main Msi\
chained msi: C:\Program Files\Chained Msi\

I tried to use a relative path in the Install properties:

,but that didn't seem to work. Anybody know how to do this???
This is a basic MSI project
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Level 3

Does anyone have a solution for this? You would think this request would be VERY common with Chained MSIs, yet I see that InstallShield hasn't replied, and the original requester never posted a solution.

I tried the intuitive thing of using a relative path based on INSTALLDIR, as did the original requester, but got an error stating that ".." is an invalid path character.

All help is appreciated.

- Matt -
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I did not ever find a solution to this problem and since it only happened when the user installed the program not in program files I wasn't concerned enough to fix it. A possible solution would be to write a custom script to look up where the main product is installed in the registry and then do some relative parsing on your own, but this assumes that the main product has written out its path to the registry prior to starting the chain msi install.
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