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Cannot suppress MSI packet reboot in installscript


This follows my question yesterday about 64bit merge module.

Now, I have created a msi package from the 3rd party 64 bit merge modules.

I was able to install it by calling LaunchApplication.

However, I cannot seem to suppress the reboot when i uninstall the MSI package in the installscript.

Here is my code:

szProgram = "Msiexec";
szCmdLine = " /uninstall \"C:\64bitMsi.msi\" /qn REBOOT=ReallySuppress";
szDir = "C";

If I try to install/uninstall the 64bitMsi.msi directly from the windows command prompt with msiexec, I got the same result. The system always automatically reboot after the uninstall.

Why couldn't suppress the reboot?

Thank you very much,
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Re: Cannot suppress MSI packet reboot in installscript

Sorry, about the spelling error in the title.

I meant MSI package
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