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Cannot see network maps with InstallShield 2018 and Windows 7

Hi all,

I've an old PC with IS 2012 Pro under Windows XP and I want to migrate my projects to IS 2018 Pro.
That's why I've installed IS 2018 on a new PC under Windows 7, but I can't see the network maps.
Like a post in the KB I've created a new DWORD registry key EnableLinkedConnections and set it to 1, then reboot the computer, but no changes.
Just a precision, I've not yet activated my license and prefer to evaluate before IS 2018 to see if my IS 2012 projects continue to work.

Anyone see the problem ?

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Level 10

On systems running with User Account Control (UAC), that is Windows Vista and later (and their server variants), the installations are running with administrator privileges and not as the same user that is logged on. This means that network mapping done by the user account isn't seen by applications (such as your installer) running "as administrator".
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