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Level 4

Cannot pass global property from a radio button♦

Hi All.

I've created a custom dialog with two radio buttons. Depending on the selected buttons, it should install either 1st or 2nd feature.

The problem is that whatever I select, the property of radio button group doesn't change. If I assign different values to that property in the Property Manager, it works as it should (selecting the right features), but not via radio buttons.

What I did:

1) Created a radio button Group with property SIM
2) added two radio buttons inside
3) assigned values for radio buttons as "first" and "second"
4) next, I am checking conditions as SIM="first" or SIM="second"

The problem is that SIM doesn't change when I select the radio buttons.

What am I missing here?

Pls advise.

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Level 6

Why do you create a new dialog?

Try something like this

sFeature1="Install Option 1";
sFeature2="Install Option 2";
bFeature1 = FALSE;
bFeature2 = FALSE;
nResult = AskOptions(EXCLUSIVE, @CHOOSE_FEATURE, sFeature1, bFeature1, sFeature2, bFeature2);
if(!bFeature1 && !bFeature2) goto Dlg_SdAskFeature;
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